Morocco Launch of “A Gardener’s Garden” at the Museum

TALIM Board Member Elena Prentice looks on as fellow Board Member Madison Cox signs his book
Another Board Member, Elena Prentice, looks on as Madison Cox signs books

TALIM in partnership with Librarie des Colonnes welcomed landscape architect and Tangier resident Madison Cox to the Legation on November 12 for the Morocco launch of A Gardener’s Garden, published by Phaidon.

Madison, who currently serves on the TALIM Board, spoke of how he and his collaborators had made what must have been the difficult decisions on which of the world’s gardens, great and small, to include in this beautiful book.   Continue reading “Morocco Launch of “A Gardener’s Garden” at the Museum”

The First Farewell

6a00e54f782d83883301a511cd5192970c-800wiDrawing by Lawrence Mynott, graphic design by Anthea Pender

The eagle – hats off to artist Lawrence Mynott and his American eagle balloon on our invitation cards – has taken off, or almost.  Actually, we’re still here for a couple more weeks, so last night’s farewell was the biggest but not the last farewell.

Thanks to the generosity of Madison Cox, we were sent off with full flying colors by our Tangier friends, a cross section of this multidimensional city, with donors, staff members, artists, artisans, academics… everyone who has helped us make this place a livelier, more open venue for our wide range of activities.
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Magical Realism Transforms Legation

 There was the King of Sweden, and then there was Madison Cox.

TALIM Madison Isa conf

Photo by Isabelle Bosquet-Morra

Both men had the same great idea, some years apart, of hosting a private event at the Legation.  We weren't there but we're certain the Swedish dinner party was a royal affair, but we can assure you that Madison Cox, American landscape architect and designer of exquisite gardens around the world, transformed the Legation with a few elegant touches.  Madison Cox was recently profiled by his longtime friend and fellow designer Marian McEvoy in the Wall Street Journal. McEvoy had earlier written about his Tangier home in the New York Times.


TALIM Madison Cox Party entry 2

Photo by Mohammed Jadidi

The Legation's many cracks are all still there, and the moldy walls haven't disappeared.  But for a few hours on Friday night, all that mattered was that guests from the world over were enchanted by this venerable building, one that most of them never knew existed.

TALIM Madison Cox Party garden

Photo by Gerald Loftus

TALIM Madison Isa conf 2

Photo by Isabelle Bosquet-Morra

A few well-placed lanterns, flowers by Isabelle Bosquet-Morra of "Fleurisa" in New York, and of course Madison Cox's understated but elegant touch in everything from table coverings to lighting were enough to transform our sometimes dowdy US-Government-surplus-look historic building.

 Perhaps I'm too harsh on our look, which – as the photos in this post show – can indeed be magical.  One guest, taking in the eclectic mix of medina-Moroccan walls, 19th century Spanish architectural touches, and Federal period interior volumes, said that he was reminded somehow of the White House.

Now, we have in common two things with the White House: ownership by the USG, and designation as National Historic Landmarks.

Very flattering, though we'd like to have a 100th of the White House budget for furnishings and maintenance.

TALIM Madison Isa fireplace

Photo by Isabelle Bosquet-Morra

Gerald Loftus