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Beit Hahayim Donation

Our deepest thanks to Australian artist Bryan Dawe for his generous donation of “Beit Hahayim,” the Jewish Cemetery of Tangier, which now hangs in our art gallery, where it stands as a stirring memorial to Tangier’s multi-faith heritage.

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Lobby for the Legation Day

However you do it, be sure to advocate for museums, and especially, lobby for the Legation (from your computer!).
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Legation Legacies

From its inception, the Tangier American Legation has grown thanks to donations of art, and the latest additions stem from a desire to keep Tangier’s heritage in a place where they are appreciated.
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Resolution 2013: Lobby for the Legation

Money is good, but an investment of time to rally resources for the Tangier American Legation should be our 2013 resolution.
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