John Davison:

John Davison in Istanbul

In Istanbul

John Davison has been TALIM’s Director since July, 2014. He was an accomplished diplomat and negotiator for the State Department with nearly 30 years of global experience in macroeconomics, conflict resolution, good governance, sustainable development, trade policy and education.

As U.S. Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs in New Delhi, John coordinated high-level bilateral dialogues in energy, aviation, trade and investment policy, and technology cooperation. As Deputy Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires in Niger, John led the U.S. response to a drought-related food crisis that delivered assistance to millions on the brink of starvation. There he also helped to design, identify funding for, and implement programs on conflict resolution, girls’ education, electoral support and anti-trafficking.  As Deputy U.S. Representative to the U.N. Economic and Social Council, John led teams negotiating at global conferences on Financing for Development, HIV/AIDS, Sustainable Development, and the Rights of the Child. John also served as Political Adviser on Iraq and the Middle East to the then U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Bill Richardson.

Much of John’s career has been in North Africa and the Sahel, beginning with his service as a Peace Corps Volunteer English teacher in Morocco.   He began his Foreign Service career in Guinea-Bissau and later served as Finance Officer in Cairo, Egypt. John both studied Arabic at the State Department’s Arabic Language Field School in Tunisia and later became its director, where he managed a multi-national faculty who trained U.S. diplomats to interact with Arab counterparts, give interviews and conduct business in the Middle East.  Since retiring from the Foreign Service in 2009, John also worked for the United Nations Development Programme in Cape Verde, where he advised the Cape Verdean government and donors on aid effectiveness and coordination issues.  A graduate of Georgetown University, John speaks French, Arabic and Portuguese.

Yhtimad Bouziane: assoc-director@legation.orgYhtimad Bouziane

My name is Yhtimad Bouziane, and I am Associate Director, coordinating academic research and community outreach activities. I joined TALIM in 2000 and am from Tangier.   I studied at university in France, and I am preparing my PHD in Tangier on the  « Universality of Human Rights. »  From a very young age I have been attracted by the museum world, the world of art, culture and heritage. I feel fortunate to work at the Legation.

TALIM is a cultural mosaic where the Museum, the Research Center, the Library and our literacy classes function alongside each other daily.  Upon entering the Museum, American and Moroccan flags welcome us and invite us to discover the history of the Morocco – American relationship along with the history of Tangier, its artists, its writers and their love for this city.  TALIM is a place rich in knowledge where the architecture of the building itself reminds us of the cosmopolitanism of the Medina tracing both the history of Tangier and the coexistence of cultures and religions that promote respect and tolerance.

It is here, at the legation where you can experience the eternal myth of Tangier.
I chose this picture because it is the heart of the Museum where we host concerts, plays and seminars. The mirrors reflect images, voices and sounds, and tell us that TALIM is a place that lives.   From here you can hear the beating of the Legation’s heart.


Mohammed Jadidi:

I’m Mohammed Jadidi.   I’ve worked at TALIM for over 14 years as the Curator of the Museum Collection.  I recently received an MA in Communications and Journalism from the King Fahd School of Translation in Tangier. I like languages and speak Arabic, French, Spanish and English. I enjoy introducing the Legation to student groups from Morocco and the U.S. and participating in or organizing different activities held at the center, especially those related to the museum.


Fatima Ben Guerch:

Library - 1058

Fatima Ben Guerch and Latifa Samadi chose their photograph together in from of our painting by Ion Perdicaris, because to them the horse symbolizes force and strength.

Fatima Ben Guerch has worked at the Legation since 2005, when she began teaching Arabic literacy classes to women from the medina along with our NGO partner, La Fondation Tanger Al Medina (FTAM).   Fatima had previously studied history at university in Fes. In 2012 Fatima joined our TALIM team as a permanent employee, and she now in addition to her teaching responsibilities, helps organize “vocational literacy” courses in sewing. She also helps to coordinate scheduling of our TALIM volunteer French and Spanish teachers.   Fatima even serves as our back-up cashier working at our ticket window in the Museum.


Latifa Samadi:

Latifa Samadi, started work at TALIM in 2011 as volunteer, and we subsequently hired her as our administrative assistant. She obtained professional certification in bookkeeping before joining TALIM, and continues to study English part time after work hours. Latifa brings her enthusiasm and rigor to support many tasks that are essential to our smooth functioning, including:

  • Fielding telephone calls.
  • Assisting visiting scholars and academic researchers.
  • Cash management, accounting and library cataloging.
  • Welcoming visitors in collaboration with the museum curator.
  • Events support.

Fatima and Latifa chose their photograph together in from of our painting by Ion Perdicaris, because to them the horse symbolizes force and strength.


Abdellah, Ahmed and Mustapha Temili

Library - 1060

Abdellah, Mustapha and Ahmed Temlli (from left to right)

Brothers from the nearby fishing village of Djibila. Abdellah, Ahmed and Mustapha Temlli have a combined 55 years of work experience with the Legation! Abdellah (with us since 1991) works on the never-ending work of maintaining our masonry, painting and helping with plumbing and electrical repairs.   Abdellah just became a father for the fifth time last month – and all of his children are sons! Ahmed (with us since 1997) helps with heavy cleaning and carpentry, and especially landscaping and gardening. When visitors admire our jasmine-filled courtyard or our Andalucian window boxes, it’s thanks to Ahmed. Mustapha (with TALIM since 1999), helps with painting, electrical repairs and events organizing, but he is increasingly taking on more responsibilities that include framing the many new items we receive into our collection, as well as the critical work of restoring damaged or mold-tainted paintings, prints, maps and other rare documents.

Ahmed, Ahmed and Mustapha chose to be photographed in front of one of the restored doors off the courtyard, beneath the logo of the old legation.

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