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Merja Zerga: Pilgrims of the Blue Lagoon

Christiane Delongueville, Belgian nature photographer and mollusc expert, turns her lens on the fantastic collection of birds gathered at Morocco’s Merja Zerga lagoon at Moulay Bousselham.
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Legation Courtyard Cookoff: Moroccan Street Food

Why just talk about Morocco’s Street Food, Abdelkrim Raddadi’s new book, when you can eat some caliente too, strait off the burner?
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Watch the Legation on BBC

Our 200th blog post and a chance to see the Legation on BBC TV.
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The Andalusian-Maghrebi Cultural Bridge

  The village of Gaucín    Ronda A week spent on the Andalusian coast, looking south, meant that Morocco was never out of sight.  So too it seemed further inland, where the whitewashed hilltop villages look much like they must … Continue reading

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The Great White Fleet Returns to Tangier

Don't worry: Teddy Roosevelt and his gunboat diplomacy have not made a reappearance on the Strait of Gibraltar.  Whatever happens down the coast in Libya, the USS Olympia of the Great White Fleet (image: is safely moored in its … Continue reading

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Bad Tourist in Marrakesh

Back in Tangier after a week in sunny Marrakesh.  Thankfully the sun is shining in Tangier too. Marrakesh and its sights – sprawling medina around its famous Jemaa el Fna, suburban reservoirs nestled in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains … Continue reading

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Tangier: Old Port, New Port

The festive music wafting up the hill to the medina was a giveaway: it was either a wedding (unlikely in that it was midday) or His Majesty was in town.  Yesterday, Morocco's King Mohammed VI was in Tangier to be … Continue reading

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Tangier in the N.Y.Times

Thanks to an alert friend who spots everything to do with Tangier, here is "Lost in Tangier," the recent New York Times travel piece by Matt Gross.  It's mostly about Matt Gross and his penchant for trying to get lost … Continue reading

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