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Morocco & American Studies

At the place where Moroccan-American relations began, the Tangier American Legation, scholars from Morocco, the US, and Europe ponder creating an association on American Studies in Morocco.
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They Were Promised the Sea

The Moroccan Jewish diaspora’s longing for their ancestral home is matched by Moroccans’ nostalgia for their former neighbors.
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Filming Morocco’s Lower Rungs On the Social Ladder

On the Edge (Sur la planche) – Leila Kilani, Morocco 2011 Death For Sale (Mort à vendre) – Faouzi Bensaidi, Morocco 2011 We were very well advised, at the outset of Tangier's just-concluded 13th edition of Morocco's National Film Festival, … Continue reading

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Valentino’s Ghost: Hollywood & TV Imagine Arabs

You have to be dedicated, or perhaps suffering jet lag, to get up to watch Michael Singh's excellent documentary at 08:00 on a Sunday morning.  The time was a function of the setting: this was the annual conference of MESA, … Continue reading

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Maghribi Scholars Need Not Apply

Geography lesson (image from The Maghrib (or Maghreb) is the accepted term for North Africa. The Maghrib was the birthplace of the Arab Spring (Tunisia).  Its latest blossoming of freedom was in Libya. The Maghrib is where AIMS Maghribi … Continue reading

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Mascarades: Fawda Was Never So Much Fun

فوضى Pronunciation: Fwḑá Definition: chaos It's one of our favorite words, a way to smile at the confusion that sometimes swirls around us. Arabic teachers searching for that perfect visual aid to illustrate the fawda that can come to inhabit … Continue reading

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